While we emphasize that your Biblical research be done from the King James Version, you will also notice research has been done for you from the original Biblical language of Greek. Also, there are quotes from old and new theologians from outstanding seminaries. Men like Dr. George B. Stevens–Yale University, 1899; Dr. Lewis Sperry Chafer; Dr. Merrill C. Tenney; Mr. Dave Hunt; Dr. Paul P. Enns; Dr. A.T. Robertson; Dr. Kenneth S. Wuest; Dr. John F. Walvoord; Dr. Carl F.H. Henry; and Dr. William S. Sailer FAX NUMBER 717-866-9280 former professor at Evangelical School of Theology at Myerstown, PA., USA.

This work has been prepared carefully for you from the pen of Rev., Dr. I. Ray Berrian. He studied at United Wesleyan College now Houghton College in New York with a B.S. in Theology, the B.D. degree from Evangelical School of Theology-Myerstown, Pennsylvania and the Th.D. from Bethany Theological Seminary in Dothan, Alabama.


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