Berrian Bible Institute is accredited by the WORLD-WIDE ACCREDITATION COMMISSION OF CHRISTIAN EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS based in Richmond, Virginia–in the United States under the seal and signature of Dr. Paul J. Richardson. 

The school provides higher education at no cost, compliments of The Rev. Dr. I. Ray Berrian, Th.D., Ph.D.    who lives in America. God has given him so much in knowledge that he now wants to give back to the Lord and to the Nigerian people, a free education. These credits can be transferred to any college or University in Africa or in the United States.  Get a DEGREE on the following Certificate * Diploma * Associate* Bachelor * Master* or Doctorate.  We have all of the New Testament books of the Bible. You will receive also Questions and Answers.

Other courses available are: Apologetics–a defense of the Christian faith, Christian Doctrine, Christology–the truths about Christ, Homiletics–the art of sermon/message development, the book “Salvation” with Questions and Answers, Personal Evangelism, Pastoral Counseling, Leadership and Ecclesiology–a study of the meaning of the church. Rev. Dr. Ray Berrian has add more course like The Dead Sea Scrolls, the World Religions, and People of the Old Testament World, all of which require you to purchase a book through Amazon—used or new.  These last three courses are doctoral level courses.

People have taken courses from Belgium, Canada, Kingston, Jamaica, India, South Africa, Ghana, Senegal, Republic of Benin, the Netherlands, India, England, Australia and the United States.

The Rev. Dr. Godstime Evbota, D.D. lives at the following address who will be your guide through your process of getting an education that will enrich your life and may give you financial prosperity, especially if you continue and study law or become a medical doctor.  Our main purpose is to educate pastors who will evangelize the continent of Africa.

We also have Elder Joshua Ehigimetor who has 211 students in Olonten Village in Nigeria.  Elder Jude Ighagvuogbe is spearheading our seminary in Upper Sakponba, Nigeria. Rev. Dr. Berrian will grade your work if you at not on site in Benin City, Nigeria.  I will grade people’s work from around the world.

Elder Nazir Mal is the Supervisor of a satellite seminary in Hyderabad, Pakistan; pray for a revival in this war torn land.  We also have an Elder Kirshan Lal in Larkana City, Pakistan who has a church and fledgling seminary. The third but not the least in importance in  Pakistan is Elder Wezier in Naushahro Feroze who is pastoring a church plus starting another satellite seminary in Pakistan.

My great friend, Bill and his wife Diane Peterson himself a great teacher of the Word. This beautiful couple sponsor and pay for the rental building in Naushahro Feroze.  The people love our Lord Jesus and live in South Carolina in the United States of America.  They also pay for the salary of our Christian School for gypsy children in Hyderabad, Pakistan.  I could not have a better friend who financially supports our growing work for the Lord God.

Elder Nilo Flores in San Miguel, Philippines is the new leader of Berrian Bible Institute.

Elder  Eliakem M. Hibinada is guiding students in the city called Sagay City, Bangladesh.

We have a Rev. John Talukder in Bangladesh also who gives courses through Berrian Bible Institute.

Our focus is making you mighty women and men of God wherever the Lord sends you to preach His saving message which leads to everlasting life [John 3:16].